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The school is a living organism, in which different people with different needs and values coexist and interact, shaping a living and dynamic quality whole. The school climate is an important factor that affects the quality of the educational process and the development of students. The creation of a positive and supportive school climate is one of the most important goals of the educational process. A positive school climate contributes to the development of students' self-esteem, the cultivation of cooperation and mutual assistance, the reduction of cases of violence and bullying and the promotion of learning and creativity.

The school climate is a complex phenomenon that is affected by many factors, such as the relationships between teachers, students and parents, the school organization and operation, the socio-economic environment and cultural values. The impact of the recent COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges that need to be addressed. The long period of distance learning has led to increased isolation and loneliness of students, as well as reduced social interaction. In addition, the pandemic has exacerbated socio-economic inequalities, which can negatively affect school climate.

The conference is addressed to…

• Researchers and scholars in education.

• Members of the faculties of higher education institutions.

• Teachers of all disciplines and levels of education.

• Staff of primary and secondary education.

• Students (undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral, post-doctoral and post-doctoral candidates).

• Representatives of governmental and non-governmental bodies.

• Representatives of local authorities.

• Any interested party wishing to contribute to a fruitful reflection on the theme of the Conference.

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